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Cedar Hill Holdings was formed in the 1970’s as a family office to focus on the preservation and appreciation of capital through investments in commercial real estate debt and other value-oriented investments.

Since The 1970s

While real estate is our foundation, we have interests in other diversified investment assets. With a foundation across real estate investment, management and structuring, our core business of real estate bridge loans was started in 1976. Since then, Cedar Hill has focused primarily on originating commercial real estate bridge loans, purchasing non-performing real estate debt, and investing in other asset classes.

Cedar Hill has successfully invested in cycles of growth and recession, with significant investment experience in economies undergoing turmoil, such as: the Savings and Loan crises in the early 1990’s, the bond crises in 1998, the financial distress in the wake of September 11, 2001, and most recently in the “Great Recession.” Consequently, we have developed an expertise in high yield commercial real estate debt origination, portfolio and asset due diligence & valuation, asset management, restructuring and workouts.

Our Focus

Focus on identifying underlying real estate value and structuring solutions for opportunities under $10 million in less efficient markets

Creative Solutions

Utilizing creative structures enables access to higher yielding and better quality opportunities while achieving consistent and superior performance without accepting high risk

About Us


Cedar Hill brings institutional execution to the small and middle market real estate space. The principals have experience across private equity, real estate investment banking, property management and workouts. This experience, coupled with ready capital, allows us to act quickly and efficiently in executing and underwriting complex transactions. Cedar Hill employs a diverse investment approach by product type and geography, actively seeking new investments with compelling underlying value fundamentals.

Cedar Hill has consistently achieved superior risk-adjusted returns throughout market cycles by capitalizing on its extensive network of relationships and access to proprietary deal flow. By leveraging its depth and breadth of experience, Cedar Hill provides a distinct advantage in navigating the current investment environment. Our team focuses on building a diversified portfolio of highly attractive, high yielding and stable assets while maintaining a strategic focus on the highest potential risk-adjusted returns.


Cedar Hill’s core investment philosophy is centered on long-term capital growth with a focus on capital preservation. To consistently grow capital through investment, capital must first be preserved.

Cedar Hill focuses on extending credit to real estate developers, owners and operators in need of capital. We apply critical thinking throughout our underwriting practices, incorporating realistic asset valuations, which are based on achievable assumptions, while structuring for downside risk protection. Having the flexibility to structure the investment in the most advantageous format is a key competitive advantage since these opportunities are typically off-market negotiated transactions.

Determining value in various market climates requires knowledge, discernment and an opportunistic approach to investing. Cedar Hill has developed and refined a rigorous property-level underwriting, due diligence and investment review process which enables us to identify and mitigate potential risks. The due diligence process includes macroeconomic and real estate market reviews, financial analyses and legal and environmental assessments. With over 50 years of real estate experience, our principals have a proven track record for finding opportunities which outperform the market.

A flexible and non-bureaucratic approach helps to differentiate Cedar Hill from other investment firms, while maintaining a strict focus on:

Underlying Asset Value

Emphasis on opportunities based on underlying real estate fundamentals and identification of performance enhancement strategies to realize intrinsic or potential value

Achievement of attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in properties in which value is temporarily impaired due to leasing, operating, physical, or capitalization issues

Realistic Evaluation of Risk and Reward

Employ critical thinking to guide our investment decisions and apply conservative and realistic asset valuations with achievable performance and exit assumptions to determine the risk/reward profile of each investment

Creative Approach to Deal Structuring

Creatively structured debt solutions to enhance deal flow and provide a competitive advantage over more narrowly defined investment platforms

Portfolio Diversification

Systematic construction of a portfolio that mitigates risk by appropriately diversifying exposure to markets, product types, and number of transactions

Investment Focus

Cedar Hill seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through the creation of a diversified pool of investments in senior and subordinate loans collateralized by high quality real estate assets. The primary focus is to create strong current yield through the origination of loans to facilitate real estate acquisitions, refinancing and recapitalization throughout the United States.

As generalists across various product and property types, we invest in a range of commercial real estate assets and principally target opportunities with the following dynamics:

strong marketssolid competitive positioningexperienced sponsorship

strong markets
solid competitive positioning
experienced sponsorship

Our investment strategy relies on intensive due diligence, structuring experience, disciplined underwriting and active portfolio management. As long-term and value-oriented investors, we analyze each investment with a primary focus on minimizing downside risk, protecting invested principal and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return.

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